Info / Care

When we treat garments with love and patience, they serve us longer. They become a part of our lives and our memories. For a long lasting relationship, you have to get to know them better. ;)

Every / piece is made of the highest quality materials which have been carefully sourced and chosen. All of our pieces are unique, designed and made in house.


  • We use full grain leather which is the most traditional, natural looking and quality leather. The natural scratches, patterns and grain makes this leather unique and valuable.
  • As the leather ages it will develop a patina, as it absorbs the natural oils from handling, taking on a darkened or more lustrous and soft appearance.
  • Avoid objects that may scratch the leather or compromise the interior.
  • Store pieces in a cool dry place to maintain the leather and avoid tarnishing of hardware. We suggest storing them in the fabric bag they come with,  and hang them in the closet.
  • Should your product get wet, remove any water immediately with a paper towel, and allow it to dry naturally. If you want to wear perfume, please wear it prior and let it dry before you put on your leather piece.
  • The colours of the leather we use are achieved by natural tanning methods, as part of this process bright or dark colour may transfer onto lighter fabrics and objects. Due to the natural tanning methods, shades may vary.
  • The hardware are made of stainless steel, nickel plated to last longer. Please be aware before buying if you have nickel allergies.

Hope you enjoy your long-lasting relationship with a /niar product.