What is /niar.house?

/niar.house was created by an architect, looking to expand her creativity spectrum from digital work to small scale object craftmanship. 

/niar.house is an exploration of Fashion and Design, through leathercraft. We aim to design the products as statement pieces to elevate your style, while maintaining your own elegance. But why (/niar).house?

/niar.house is composed of "rooms", like a true house, which are considered the various categories of the brand. The goal of the brand is to expand these “rooms” and offer you a variety of unique and creative long-lasting products.

/niar.house products are labeled with a unique code that starts with the "room" number and ends with a distinctive 3 digit number of the design.

/niar.house's goal in the future is to minimize the boundaries between digital design and leathercraft by encorporated lasercut in the design and craftmanship process. It will be a journey with highs and lows that we are eager to share with you.

---last but not least--- Hope you enjoy your visit to the /niar.house and come back to see the new “rooms” that are getting built.